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Hello TEDx-ers! We have some awesome news…TEDx is back again to come up with another wave of inspiration. This time ‘FUTURE’ is the main concern of all speakers. The preparations have already begun. Our team of organizers 2017 is heading up to amuse you all again. And as always we will need your help dear […]

Ticketsales are open now and the new Webpage is officially launched

Change, something we learned about in 2015 when we held our first TEDxFSUJena conference. We remebered its importance and decided to change our webpage. With the new design, we hope to offer an exciting experience for you. Parallel to the official launch of our new webpage, we announce that ticket sales over the webpage are […]


The organizers could not ignore the Halloween mood and held a special themed TEDxFSU Jena event on 31st October, 2015 at the Haus auf der Mauer. The decorations and food were prepared in the spirit of Halloween and created the perfect environment for some spooky TEDx talks. Afterwards the attendees engaged in interesting discussions and […]

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Which themes would you like to be unfolded in the context TEDxFSUJena? Let us know about your priorities. Feel free to contact us.What is Your Topic?

Which themes would you like to unfold within the frames of  TEDxFSUJena? Let us know about your priorities. Feel free to contact us!

Send us the name of the topic which you find relevant or interesting. As well as feel free to share with us your suggestions. 

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