TEDxFSUJena Salon 2018

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There are only 2 days to go. The event is actually knocking on the door. The first ever TEDxFSUJena Salon toches the topic of “Dimensions of Intelligence”. What is this about, you will learn during the event. The ones who managed to get the ticket, are welcome to enjoy a chilled atmosphere of the TEDx […]

Upcoming event 2018

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TEDxJenaSalon is the next project by the TEDx team in Jena! It will take place on 5th of May in the Auditorium (Aula) of the University main building (UHG). The salon will be a smaller other than TEDx event with an audience of not more than 100 people. It will include 4 speakers, who will […]

Challenge accepted! – TEDxFSUJena@Club

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One of the most inspiring TEDx Clubs. What are challenges and how to cope with them? On 12th of March, we gathered to discuss these and much more on the topic of challenges. To get deeper into an understanding of our fears from challenges, the participants at first were asked specific questions to think about […]


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First, comes the idea, and then the joy and happiness of realizing that. Afterwards its the fear and doubt in yourself. Will it happen? As long as you have a bunch of people sharing the same joy and the same fear, it is no more unrealizable. TEDxFSUJena team 2017 under the guidance of Kiara Aiello, […]


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You were waiting for that! Want to come to TEDx in Jena, but your schedule is already full of tasks? Your to-do list is too long? You want to have a sneak peak in between your lectures or just don’t want to crawl out of your cozy blanket on the 24th of October? Well, we know the […]

CHALLENGE – free ticket

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Who wants to have a free ticket? TEDxFSUJena gives you the opportunity to win a ticket. On our event page on facebook you will find questions asked to you as a challenge. Answer the question, win a ticket! Very easy, you just need to get to know TEDxFSUJena a little better. The challenges will be […]


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Congrats to everyone! The TEDxFSUJena up today is activated. Today we had the first club after a half year of silence. And you know what? It was successful. The event started with an interesting video from TEDxTeen about ”zero waste”. Is it possible to force the whole society to change their attitude towards the environment? Otherwise what […]


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The FUTURE is coming on October 24th. Are you ready? The ticket sales are already online. You need to register and wait for an acceptance letter. The places for this year are not unlimited and would love to have people who seek and strive for inspiration through TEDx. Please note: there are 3 groups of tickets- […]