Privacy Policy

This document states the privacy policy of the website It is in effect from the late date on which a change was made to this document. Latest update was made on the 02nd of March 2016. (the “site”) is operated by its owner Gerrit Huchtemann (“I”, “my”, “me”).

This privacy policy shall inform you, the user of this site about the usage of the data this website collects. Your privacy is important to me and I will do my best to protect it. I will not give away any data about my users for commercial purpose. Only institutions of justice within the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union will be able to obtain your data if they present a court order for it.

The Information this site collects:

Cookies: By using the site, cookies will be automatically collected by the site to make your experience on the easier. Cookies are files containing data about your browser, your internet connection, about what you do on my site and more (for more information about cookies please read the Wikipedia article about the HTTP cookie). You can disable the collection of cookies in your browser preferences, but thus might make the usage of my site more difficult.


Links to other, third-party-websites: A third-party-website is any website not directly associated with nor owned by Gerrit Huchtemann. I do not take responsibility for the collection of data on such a site. It is advisable to review the Privacy Policy of such a site before using it.

Changes to this privacy policy: Changes to this privacy policy can occur at any time depending of necessity. As registered user, you will be notified directly about the change. Should the need arise, older versions of this policy will be linked in this document.

Contact: Should you have any questions, please contact me.