Markus Voss-Göschel

Consultant, Entrepreneur, Dipl.-Theol.

„Estrangement, Isolation and Violence – why we should watch our language“

''Faced with the blatant rise of populism and evidently increasing political divides in western societies, we will absolutely have to deal with these fragmentations much more fundamentally in our future than most of us care to admit during election seasons. The most striking question to me is: how do these mental-cultural clashes ultimately lead to physical ones – and, most importantly, how do we prevent them from taking form in the first place?''

Markus suggests to cover and trace the thought- and everyday language-patterns which lead from simple estrangement of formerly close persons, parties or people to a predisposition to, ultimately, violence – thereby paying close attention to the fragmentation and striking divide we perceive in our everyday realities in social and political settings. How we, as reflective citizens and potential thought leaders, can effectively brace ourselves for further such developments in the future.


After studying in Rostock, Oxford, Jerusalem and Jena, Markus majored in theology, philosophy, linguistics and finances. Research areas: reconciling the thought patterns of Protestant and Catholic Church, the foundations of extremism in the philosophy of Immanuel Kant and Enlightenment, the use and effect of religious language in Barack Obama’s speeches. He representing the University of Jena at the renowned Leipziger Buchmesse.

Markus worked in peace studies in the Israel-Palestine-Conflict, helped in establishing the Jena Center for Reconciliation studies, been freelancing as a consultant in the political and financial sector, establishing his own consultancy, after having conducted several hundred workshops and lectures on the subject.  Presently (2017, WS) has been accepted for the newly created position of lecturer for applied psychology at the faculty of law at the University of Jena.

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