Ticketsales and the new Webpage

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Change, something we learned about in 2015 when we held our first TEDxFSUJena conference. We remebered its importance and decided to change our webpage. With the new design, we hope to offer an exciting experience for you. Parallel to the official launch of our new webpage, we announce that ticket sales over the webpage are avaible, too!

If you want to buy a ticket, you can do that with our ticket-system. The prices for tickets are 10 Euros for Students, 20 Euros for PhD Students and Academics and 30 Euros for everyone else. For the first 7 Days of the official sale we offer an early-bird discount of 50 percent.

With our new ticket system you can buy your ticket via PayPal or offline, paying with bank-transaction afterwards. Please be advised that our ticket system is new and we might face a few problems as we go along. You will get your tickets for sure, it just might take a few days for us to process your purchase.