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Challenge accepted! – TEDxFSUJena@Club

One of the most inspiring TEDx Clubs.
What are challenges and how to cope with them? On 12th of March, we gathered to discuss these and much more on the topic of challenges.
To get deeper into an understanding of our fears from challenges, the participants at first were asked specific questions to think about and write their answers on recycling papers, which would be further on discussed during the brainstorming part.
One of the news was that the TED Talk of the day was chosen by the audience through a democratic voting. They were introduced to 3 possible talks on the topic of overcoming or accepting the challenges and the winning one was “How to make hard choices” by Ruth Chang. The participants learned about the equality of hard choices and how to overcome the fear of making the wrong choice, as in fact there exist no wrong choices.
The short discussion of the talk was followed by a short interview with one of TEDxFSUJena team-members Kendra Horner, who shared her life experience and challenges with the audience and the ways she found to overcome them:

“Always look for the window”.

Further on there was a Brainstorming of what challenges people usually face and how they cope with them. The activity helped people to share their own concerns and personal achievements in life through challenges, which built up more interesting and also funny discussions.
Good news: TEDx Community wants to meet more often! Which means we will try hard to make our meet-ups once in 2 weeks! 

P.S. All other TED talks on this topic are linked below. More info on the brainstorming can be found on the Facebook event page.