TEDxFSUJena Salon

TEDxFSUJena Salon took place 5th of May 2018 in the Auditorium (Aula) of the University main building (UHG).

We went deeper into the subject ”Dimensions of the intelligence”. We got inspired by four ideas worth spreading, which could develop different dimensions of your intelligence. The talks were about AI (artificial intelligence), Electron Microscopy, Justice and Photography. Below you can find more information about our speakers and their talks. In contrast to a TEDx event, TEDxSalons go deep into a specific topic and the audience has the opportunity to interact with the speakers.

Our first-ever TEDxFSUJena Salon allowed the audience to dig into discussions and enjoy the “Elevator pitch” activity, where speakers delivered their ideas in just 30 sec!

TEDx community in Jena had a unique experience.