Organizers of 2017

Advisory Board

Simone Vannuccini
Advisory Board member
Supported the team with his precious advice and help in the organization process. Also was the host of the event.
Gayane Hakobian
Advisory Board member
One of the precious advisors for TEDxFSUJena 2017 and the ex-lead organizer of TEDxFSUJena 2016. Also the author and designer of the badges


Kiara Aiello
Lead Organizer

Executive Producer

Main tasks: contacting and supporting the speakers, coaching the talks, fundraising, task distribution for co-organizers, team management

Chinedu Akwuobi
Team Member

Known also as Kenneth

Main tasks: support when contacting speakers, managing TEDxFSUJena Club, technical assistance during the main event

Jane ​Dröscher
Team Member

Main tasks: contacting and supporting speakers, fundraising, attendee/ guest management

Kendra Horner
Team Member

Main tasks: managing voluntary resources, task distribution for the volunteers, technical support, post-production

Olha Demchuk
Team Member

Main tasks: support during the fundraising, press and media communication, coaching and stage design

Anahit Harutyunyan

Communications, editorial and marketing director

Main tasks: media and communication/ PR management, coaching support, musical assistance, ticket sales