Organizers of 2018

Advisory Board

Gayane Hakobian
Advisory Board member
One of the precious advisors for TEDxFSUJena 2017 and the ex-lead organizer of TEDxFSUJena 2016. Also the author and designer of the badges
Markus Voss-Göschel
Advisory Board Member
Markus first appeared on TEDxFSUJena stage as a speaker and since then has helped the team to grow and become more professional.


Kiara Aiello
Lead Organizer
Executive Producer Main tasks: contacting and supporting the speakers, coaching the talks, fundraising, task distribution for co-organizers, team management
Kendra Horner
Team Member
Main tasks: managing voluntary resources, task distribution for the volunteers, technical support, post-production
Olha Demchuk
Team Member
Main tasks: support during the fundraising, press and media communication, coaching and stage design
Anahit Harutyunyan
Communications, editorial and marketing director Main tasks: media and communication/ PR management, coaching support, musical assistance, ticket sales
Michael Pesl
Team Member
Event manager Main tasks: venue coordination, ticket sales, registration support, technical support