Partners of 2015

Host and the primary partner – FSU Jena

Founded 1558 the Friederich Schiller University in Jena is a classical University cromprised of 10 faculties providing education to over 18,000 students of which there are 2200 interational students.
Jena is a small city in Germany. You can live in the green suburban areas and still get into the city very quickly. This infrastructural network has an impact on the interlectual network of the university. There is a close cooperation between scientists and the city administration. This makes it possible for research and education to be realized very quick and for creativity to evolve without restrictions. Scientists in Jena attest that this freedom makes it possible to initiate interdisciplinary projects.
For more information, please check out their web-page.


Platinum Sponsors

Xceptance is a software company with the offices in Jena and Cambridge. The company employs dedicated experts with more than 200 years of comprised software testing experience. See More


Ernst Abbe Stiftung
Named after the german optician Ernst Abbe, the Ernst-Abbe-Foundation which partly emerged from the Carl-Zeiss-Foundation in 1992. The Foundations goal is to sponsor science, innovation and culture in Abbe’s home-state of Thuringa.


Copper Sponsors

Zeiss  Poliatic  Urban


Without your unconditional support, we wouldn’t have managed to celebrate innovation with you.
In the name of all the people who experienced the TEDxFSUJena conference in 2015, we would like to express our gratitude for your contribution to the project.

TEDxFSUJena Team