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TEDxFSUJena Salon 2018

There are only 2 days to go. The event is actually knocking on the door. The first ever TEDxFSUJena Salon toches the topic of “Dimensions of Intelligence”. What is this about, you will learn during the event.
The ones who managed to get the ticket, are welcome to enjoy a chilled atmosphere of the TEDx talks from 13:00 p.m., where relevant ideas are going to be shared. Let those ideas enlargen the dimensions of our intelligence. The topics concerning the intelligence are from 4 dimensions: Logical Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence), Emotional Intelligence (Documentary Photography), Metaphysical Intelligence (Law and Justice) and Sensory Intelligence (High-Scale Electron Microscopy). This categorization is based on the theory by an Ambassador at TED, Sartaj Anand (to find out more about 9 dimensions of intelligence look through this interesting article
To find out more about each of the topics and also to see the program go to the event page: Those who did not manage to buy the tickets yet, hurry up! Few tickets left:


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