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First, comes the idea, and then the joy and happiness of realizing that. Afterwards its the fear and doubt in yourself. Will it happen? As long as you have a bunch of people sharing the same joy and the same fear, it is no more unrealizable. TEDxFSUJena team 2017 under the guidance of Kiara Aiello, made the dream of spreading powerful ideas about the future and continuing the previous years’ history possible. On October 24th in Villa am Paradies. That’s where the magic happened.

We want to thank every circle of the event: our sponsors, who gave us the possibility, our perfect speakers, the best host ever – Simone Vannuccini, special thanks to Gayane Hakobian, lead organizer of TEDxFSUJena 2016, for being beside us from the beginning till the end of the event, our guests, our wonderful volunteers, and of course us – TEDxFSUJena Team 2017, for the restless work. Thank you, Kiara, for the trust and giving the opportunity to be the part of this wonder creating process.

The pictures from the event are already accessible on our Flickr. As soon as the videos are ready they will be posted on the web page.

Stay tuned, and wait for more inspiration!