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Upcoming event 2018

TEDxJenaSalon is the next project by the TEDx team in Jena!

It will take place on 5th of May in the Auditorium (Aula) of the University main building (UHG).

The salon will be a smaller other than TEDx event with an audience of not more than 100 people. It will include 4 speakers, who will be announced within the frameworks of the ”Future Friday” (FF) sequences.

The topic is already set as ”Dimensions of the intelligence”. This time there is more concentration on the subject of intelligence, whereas in case of a usual TEDx event we have much broader topics and hence talks.

This time the audience will be also given the opportunity to discuss the talks directly with the speakers. A short interview and Q&A will create a ground for more discussions on the topic. The process of discussion leads the audience much deeper understanding of the talks and the possibility to exchange thoughts, thereby building a chain of ideas spreading.

We invite all of you to enjoy the first-ever Salon discussion in Jena, with great speakers and engaging talks and also dig into discussions.

More info every Friday on Facebook.